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20/02/2015 – Will you help protect and improve our NHS?

Our National Health Service is staffed by dedicated people: doctors, nurses, midwives, ambulance drivers and ancillary staff. Together they form a great team, available to us 24/7 every day of the year.

The NHS we have grown to love, respect and rely on since its birth in the 1940s is under threat

Remember: the NHS was formed in a time of National hardship; we should not lose it now when the country has far more resources.

The Future of the NHS is in our hands

We all have the opportunity to help the NHS overcome the current issues the local hospital trust admits we face in Mid Sussex:

You can play your part - Vote Labour on 7 May 2015

A vote for Greg Mountain, your Labour Party Candidate for Mid Sussex means:

Greg says, ”I am proud to have joined the Picket lines in support of ancillary workers and midwives, whose pay has been severely restrained for the past five years. The NHS is a team, not a private, enterprise. Our community deserves better”

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