October 2017 By-elections

During October there are by-elections in both Haywards Heath Franklands and East Grinstead Imberhorne Wards

Haywards Heath Franklands Ward - Town Council - Thursday 19th October

I am Linda Grace, your Labour Party candidate. I know how important it is for Franklands Ward and Haywards Heath to have full democratic representation on the Town Council.

I pledge to you that I will consistently attend and work hard on the Town Council to:

“Voting for me is a vote to help everyone in Franklands Ward”

Your Vote Counts – Elect Linda Grace – your Labour Party Candidate

"Living in Mid Sussex and using public services for most of my life means I understand many challenges facing us locally: traffic volumes, the state of our roads, pressure on schools, GP services and housing development; and regionally as a commuter using a woeful rail service.

“I will bring my lengthy work experience in local government to the Town Council to ask difficult questions on your behalf and relentlessly pursue answers for you.”

Vote Labour - Vote Linda Grace on Thursday 19th October 2017

Text taken from Linda Grace Campaign Leaflet - promoted by Murray Crump on behalf of Linda Grace, both at 15 Junction Road Burgess Hill RH15 0HR

East Grinstead Imberhorne Ward - District and Town Council - Thursday 26th October

I’m David Wilbraham, your Labour Party Candidate for East Grinstead Imberhorne Ward Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council.

My family and I have lived in the Imberhorne area, on the Gardenwood estate, for over 10 years.

I have worked as a chartered civil engineer on defence and aviation projects throughout the UK, and overseas from the Caribbean to the Falklands. From this, I have experience of finding out what needs to be done and getting it done.

As a Labour Party member I am committed to upholding our values. We care about people; we want everyone to fulfil their life opportunities, to live in a decent home, to live without fear and to have public services available to them when needed.

To be a prosperous society we must be a fair society.

Local government plays a key role in this; As your elected representative, I will consistently attend Council meetings at Town and District level.

I will work hard to promote Labour policies, and raise the issues that matter to the residents of Imberhorne Ward.

Working for change in Mid Sussex

New homes built in the area must include genuinely affordable, social rented homes for local people.

The local Tories who control our Councils have approved the building of over 100 flats on the Martells site, without a single social or affordable home required. They also allow developers to convert empty offices into flats for private sale and rent, again none provided at social rents. I will challenge the Tories to prioritise building genuinely affordable, social housing

No more loss of Community assets

Under the Tories, the Parish Halls and the Wallis Centre have all been closed down and the sites sold to developers for private housing. Labour will oppose any further loss of youth and community provision in the Town.

Work for Sustainable and Public Transport

We need to reduce the pressure of commuter parking in our streets; we could start by improving the safety of our streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bus services are essential for young and old; we should find ways to provide more, regular, affordable bus services in the town and to the railway station.

Resist inappropriate development on Imberhorne farmlands

Labour has supported the creation of the East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan by the Town Council. However the repeated failure of the District Council to deliver an up-to-date District Plan has left the countryside around East Grinstead at the mercy of the big developers.

End the One-Party State in Mid Sussex:

This is your opportunity to break the Tory monopoly on the Town and District Councils. Vote for me, David Wilbraham, and give Labour a voice to promote policies to meet the needs of the many, not the few!

Your Vote Counts – Elect David Wilbraham – your Labour Party Candidate

Text taken from David Wilbraham Campaign Leaflet - Promoted by Brian Sturtevant on behalf of David Wilbraham and Mid Sussex Labour Party bothl at 15 Junction Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0HR.