Mid Sussex Elections

Mid Sussex District, Town, and Parish Council Elections May 2019

The Mid Sussex District, Town, and Parish Council Elections were held on 2nd May 2019. The results are available from the Mid Sussex District Council Website

New for 2019 was our Mid Sussex Manifesto - Labour’s vision for a better future for Mid Sussex. We are confident that you will find this manifesto one that you can support and that will appeal to Mid Sussex people.

Your 2019 Mid Sussex District, Town and Parish Candidates

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Burgess Hill - St Andrews Ward, David Andrews and Tony Balsdon

Burgess Hill - St John's and Meeds Wards, Ian Greatorex and Elaine Bolton

Burgess Hill - Dunstall Ward, Pam Haigh and Simon Hayward

Burgess Hill Town Council - Gatehouse Ward, Simon Hayward

Burgess Hill - Leylands Ward, Tara Greatorex and Linda Greatorex

Burgess Hill Town Council Hammonds Ward Linda Greatorex

Burgess Hill - Franklands Ward, Gemma Bolton and David Chalkley

Burgess Hill - Norman Ward, Elaine Bolton, Ian Greatorex and David Chalkley

Burgess Hill - Victoria Ward, Richard Neville

Mid Sussex District Council - Bolney Ward David Jones

East Grinstead - Town Ward, David Wilbraham and Tess Fensterheim

East Grinstead - Ashplats Ward, Iris Tullett, Martin Jeremiah and Alice Tyrrell

Haywards Heath - Ashenground Ward, Dean Finch and Lorcan Smith

Haywards Heath - Franklands Ward, Tom Martyn

Haywards Heath - Heath Ward, Sarah Greenslade

Haywards Heath - Lindfield Ward, Lisa Desbruslais and Linda Grace

Haywards Heath - Cuckfield Parish, Hilary Schan-Martyn

Haywards Heath - Lucastes, Paul Kenny

Haywards Heath - Bentswood, Val Curtis

Results from previous elections

East Grinstead Imberhorne District Council By-Election 26/10/2017

Conservative 540

Lib Dem 206

Labour 110

Independent 67

Turnout 24.6%

East Grinstead Imberhorne Town Council By-Election 26/10/2017

Conservative 513

Lib Dem 196

Labour 114

Independent 88


The turnout was 25%

Haywards Heath Franklands By-Election 19/10/2017

Conservative 330

Labour 175

Lib Dem 95

Independent 70


It was a very low turnout at only 16.9%, and while the Tories share of the vote fell by 7%, the Labour share of the vote increased to 25% compared with 21% in 2016.

Mid Sussex Constituency General Election 08/06/2017

Conservatives 35,082

Labour 15,409

Lib Dem 7,855

Green 1,571

UKIP 1,251

Monster Raving Loony Party 464

The turnout was 73.2%

Labour are now the official opposition in Mid Sussex!

We doubled the labour vote compared to 2015, and increased our share of the vote to 25% an increase of 11% compared to 2015