The Labour Party was founded to look after the interests of working people.

We believe that we are stronger as a society working together rather than scrambling over each other as individuals.

We all currently face attacks on all sides from the Conservative Government. They are determined to have a low wage economy with few workers rights.

They will privatise all public services to provide profits for their backers.

£30 billion of the NHS budget will be creamed off as profit.

They will even look to privatise education.

They are not the same Tories as in the past who saw it as their duty to try and look after people.

We welcome all new members and value those we already have.

We must all be concerned that public services will be a thing of the past if the Tories are re-elected next time.

We are concerned that our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are likely to be less prosperous than ours have been - young mums and dads in particular should really think about the future and get involved in the fight by joining our Party!

Everyone who joins us can be certain of a very warm welcome, and everybody’s voice will be heard.


Pam Haigh
Chair Mid Sussex Labour