Local Campaigns

Mid Sussex Labour will continue to campaign on local issues, supporting the residents of Burgess Hill, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and surrounding villages in their ambitions and aspirations for the future of Mid Sussex. Challenging the status quo of the conservative led Town and District Councils and putting the people first. We are involved in a number of campaigns to make Mid Sussex an even better place to live.


whether working locally or commuting, we've endured rising rail fares, car park charges, unreliable and overcrowded rail services and expensive infrequent buses...Mid Sussex deserves better.

17/09/2014 - Car Parking Crisis

09/01/2014 - Time to Cut High Rail Fares


Reversing the rush to a low wage, zero hours contract, lack of employee protection economy

07/12/2013 - Are You Paid A Living Wage

16/11/2013 - The Great Royal Mail Robbery


The government’s health service reorganisation which cost £3 billion, yet nobody wanted or voted for, has led to ambulances queuing at Casualty units and less patients being seen at casualty within four hours.

20/02/2015 - Will you help protect and improve our NHS?

14/02/2015 - Protect and improve our Health Service

Redevelopment of our Mid Sussex Towns

Securing a better environment through balanced planning, building affordable homes and ensuring that money raised from developments is spent on improvements in our towns. Developers must not be allowed to do what they like, residents must be consulted and their voices heard

16/03/2015 - Redeveloping our Town Centre