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28/02/2016 - Mid Sussex and Brighton & Hove Young Labour

Young Labour is a special branch of the Labour Party, open to all members between the ages of 14 and 27.

Our aims are to highlight and campaign on issues that are more important to young people, to provide representation for young people in the party, and to provide a community through which we can bring young people into the Labour party and make sure their ideas are heard.

One way we do this is through our Youth Conference, which just took place over the weekend of the 27-28th February, where elected delegates travel to feedback on labour campaigns, issues and successes and to elect a national Executive.

As part of a move to communicate more between constituencies and Labour party groups, I've recently begun working with Brighton and Hove Young Labour. In preparation for a certain upcoming referendum, B&H is launching its own European campaign, aimed at educating young people on the risks of leaving the EU and coordinating with our local constituencies.

We're hosting a Politics in the Pub on the 18th March and will be tackling the issue of rising bus fares in the city and elsewhere. In addition, B&H is poised to help Sadiq Khan with the upcoming London Mayoral elections and in the last few weeks before May, we hope to send as many Labour members to London to campaign as we can.

As Youth Officer for Mid Sussex, my aim is to keep the youth wing of the party as engaged and active as the rest.

My aim in the next few months is to make sure young people's views are represented in all the current debates - the European referendum most of all, but also the PCC and Mayoral elections and ongoing policy debates within the party.

Even while in opposition, we can be more than just a protest group, and with a rapidly increasing membership we have huge resources to make changes on issues we find important.

Josh Freeman
Mid Sussex Labour Youth Officer

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