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West Sussex County Council Elections 6th May 2021

Your Labour Candidates

Haywards Heath, Cuckfield and Lindfield

Richard Whiting - Haywards Heath East

Greg Mountain - Haywards Heath Town

Paul Kenny - Cuckfield & Lucastes

Tim Weekes - Lindfield & High Weald

Two of our Haywards Heath Candidates have made videos showing their vision for the Town

Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint and Bolney

Fred Burns - Hassocks & Burgess Hill South

Pam Haigh - Burgess Hill North

Sue Jex - Burgess Hill East

Alison Whelan - Hurstpierpoint & Bolney

East Grinstead, South Ashurst Wood & Imberdown

David Wilbraham - East Grinstead Meridian

Stephen Pritchard - East Grinstead South & South Ashurst Wood

Dan Everett - Imberdown


Our Election Themes

Two of our Haywards Heath Candidates have made videos showing their vision for the Town

WSCC - Lack of leadership on environmental issues

Time to call out WSCC on their lack of leadership on environmental issues. they have refused to disinvest Pension Scheme funds relating to carbon fuels.

Labour Candidates have signed the South East Climate Alliance's ABCD pledge.

Increase recycling by reducing Waste Centre hours?

So this is WSCC's answer to increase recycling - reduced opening hours and a trial booking system for trips to Waste Recycling Centre's?

Taken from the WSCC website:

"You may only make a single trip to one site in a week"

"Same day appointments are not available - they must be booked at least 24 hours before your visit"

"There are a limited number of appointments available"

Just watch the Fly Tipping soar!

We can do better - Labour councillors will provide the services the community need.

Long term Transport and Road Maintenance Programme needed

WSCC has presided over cuts to rural transport and reduced the level of winter road salting to major routes, reducing the mobility of some of our most vulnerable residents.

Potholes, not the most interesting of topics, but guaranteed to affect us all whether driver, cyclist or passenger. WSCC have been wasting money on a policy of short-term pothole filling, rather than a long term road maintenance programme.

Labour councillors will work to implement a transport and road repair strategy's to enable residents to access local amenities, medical, retail or social and stop potholes re-appearing in the same place year after year and repair after repair!

Misguided Tory Leadership at WSCC

We expect our Local Government Leaders to provide the best possible services for local residents and to be accountable for their actions. Under Tory leadership WSCC childrens Services and Fire and Rescue Service were both found to be inadequate and badly run when inspected by the WSCC itself. There seems to be a "yes men" attitude, which has lead ro complacency. This is not what we expect from our Local Government leaders!

Labour councillors will call out bad practices, scrutinise decisions and will speak up for and be accountable to local residents

WSCC accepts 60% cut in funds from Central Government

The Tory led WSCC readily accepted the funding cuts that have caused massive budget problems and real cuts to essential services, while at the same time spending money on senior executive salaries and outsourcing services that would be more cost effective run by the Council - is this best use of funds?

Labour councillors will work hard to reverse those cuts and restore essential services

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