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Your Labour Candidate - Bolney


District Council Candidate

I have enjoyed living in Twineham, in the Bolney District of Mid Sussex, for over 40 years. My wife and I have raised our family here and feel great affection for this area and its villages and small towns. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy such a lovely area of Sussex and I believe we should all be involved in our local communities and local life.

The most important reason why I am standing as a Labour Candidate is to help to improve local democracy. At present Mid Sussex District Council has 54 councillors, and of these there are only two members who are not Conservative. Although I am sure that all councillors try to do their best for their local area, I believe this is not a healthy situation as it provides little opposition to a majority political view. I believe that as a Labour member I would try to provide some balance to discussions.

If elected I would like to prioritise local affordable housing and environmental issues. These are vitally important areas which I believe need more funding, particularly for our younger residents with whom our future lies. I also support Neighbourhood Plans which help us have some control over what happens in our villages and the surrounding countryside. I would, of course, also try to work closely with the other councillors on these and other issues.

Since 2010, under the Coalition and the Conservative Governments, local government has been forced to make the financial savings demanded by central government, facing almost impossible demands to fund its public services. Surely the everyday things such as the clearing of litter, fly-tipping and the upkeep of local leisure facilities should be at a much higher standard and we need to reverse the obvious decline over the last decade. I also believe that we must all be prepared to pay a little more to achieve this, as there is no more room to make further efficiencies.

If elected I will campaign to improve our local environment and protect green spaces and do my best to represent the people of Bolney Ward. If you share this vision, please vote for me and vote Labour on May 2nd.

A vote for labour is a vote to:

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