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16/11/2013 - The Great Royal Mail Robbery

(Text from “The Great Royal Mail Robbery” flyer – handed out in Burgess Hill Town Centre)

The Great Royal Mail Robbery

What will be privatised next?

Together we can make a difference!

In May last year we successfully gained two Labour seats on the Burgess Hill Town Council - our first Town Councilors elected in over thirty years, and we are making our voices heard.

The Labour Party was founded to look after the interests of working people. We believe that we are stronger as a society working together rather than scrambling over one another as individuals.

We all currently face attacks on all sides from the Coalition Government:

They are determined to have a low wage economy with few workers’ rights.

They will privatise all public services to provide profits for their backers.

£30 billion of the NHS budget will be creamed off as profit.

They will even look to privatise education.

Even Thatcher did not attempt to privatise the Royal Mail, but this Government has!

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