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29/05/2017 - Mid Sussex News – Election Special – Manifesto

The Labour Party offers a positive, responsible alternative to the Conservatives

Vote Greg Mountain on 8 June 2017

Greg Mountain says: “In the most radical Manifesto since the second world war the Labour Party is offering the Country the best direction for our future.

Politics is about choices.

Our choice is to use the money available in the sixth wealthiest nation on earth to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to meet their hopes and have a good quality and fulfilling life.

Your reasons to vote Labour

National Health Service/Social Care

We will organise these as one more efficient service with increased funding. We will squeeze out privatisation which works to provide profits for shareholders at the expense of caring for the sick. We will provide free parking at hospitals to take that worry away from patients and those visiting loved ones.


We will scrap university tuition fees from this year. We will ensure that every child is able to attend a top quality school in their local area. We will provide a free lunch for all primary school pupils. We will establish a special fund to ensure that every child has access to cultural activities, art, music, photography etc.


We will build 200,000 houses each year over a 5 year Parliament, half of which will be social housing for rent. We will intervene in the private rented sector to ensure that rents are sensible and that properties are in good repair. We believe in making home ownership a reasonable aspiration for young people and will offer financial help to make that possible.

Public Ownership

As in France, Germany, Italy and virtually every other European country we will have a publicly owned rail service, with sensible fares and profits used to improve our railways. We will bring Water and the Royal Mail, both now largely foreign owned, back into public ownership. We will regulate the Energy companies to ensure fair prices for consumers.


We rely on businesses of all sizes from multi-nationals to small businesses and will do everything we can to support those who play fair with our people. This means ending tax havens and closing all the loopholes which allow legalised tax evasion. It means paying good wages and offering good terms of employment and a closing of the gap between the richest and poorest in our society. We will legislate to insist on small businesses being paid for their services in a reasonable length of time.


We will introduce a minimum wage of £10 an hour. By putting more money in people's pockets economic activity will increase with the extra purchasing power available to families.


Labour accepts the verdict of the people and will negotiate our leaving the European Union. Our negotiations will be led by Keir Starmer, who, as one of our top lawyers, has a wealth of experience. We will obtain the best deal possible to protect jobs, rights at work, our environment and our security but we will leave the European Union in line with the democratic vote of the people.

International Affairs

We will build our foreign policy on decency and high moral values and remain a member of NATO, spending 2% of GDP on Defence. We will replace the Trident submarines. Unlike in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria & Libya, which are now all failed states, we will only intervene in military action as a last resort and after making every effort to bring about peaceful solutions.


We will play a full part in international efforts to reduce pollution and to move towards greener energy options. We will not allow fracking in this country.

It is your choice

We can afford Labour’s different direction with a fair tax system that ensures people and businesses pay what they can afford to pay by:

This direction will also mean faster economic growth, better quality jobs and will lead to more people paying tax rather than claiming benefits.

Labour’s option is affordable

Make it your choice

Vote Labour in the General Election

Choose Greg Mountain as your MP!

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