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28/02/2020 - Statement by Executive Committee

At the All-Members Meeting of Mid Sussex Labour Party held on 17 September 2019 the following motion (as amended) was agreed:

This CLP notes:

That the Equality and human rights commission has launched a full statutory investigation into the Labour Party for 'unlawful discrimination' against Jews.

That Jewish Labour Movement raised concerns about antisemitism in the Labour Party and the flaws in the complaints system.

This CLP resolves:

That the CLP executive publish a statement supporting members' right to submit their experiences of antisemitism to the EHRC as a victim \ third party.

The Executive Committee would fully support any member who experiences antisemitism in Mid Sussex Labour Party to complain. Complaints can be made to the CLP Executive Committee via the Secretary, to the General Secretary of the Labour Party, or to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

On behalf of the Executive Committee

Elaine Bolton, Chair

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