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20/11/2021 - Mid Sussex SE Conference Motion- Green and equitable transport policy for the U.K.

More, better and affordable Public Transport ought to be a foundation of Labour Policy. Affordable transport is first and foremost an equalities issue. Second, it is the most effective path toward sustainable transport. Everyone in the country ought to have access an effective network of public transport at daily costs that can be met by those on low incomes and/or benefits. It is needed in S.E. England as it is everywhere else.

The fragmented and privatised structure of our public transport sector has led directly to underutilisation combined with transport poverty as well as the slow pace of work to decarbonise transport. Greener cars are all very well but they are owned by the better off and subsidies to them are transfers of wealth in the wrong direction. Private transport also clogs up narrow country roads stifling PUBLIC transport. The most common, active forms of transport: walking, cycling and the use of buses should be the locus of policy yet this Government has done nothing to facilitate continuous cycle routes and has removed about 500 bus routes nationally every year. Buses are the lifelines of our cities, counties, towns and villages – they reduce congestion, get people to work, drive economic growth and keep communities connected.

Building a transport network for road, path and rail, air and water which encourages greener forms of transport and widespread access for all citizens ought to be a policy priority

Mid Sussex Motion was passed unanimously by delegates and affiliates at SE Region conference on 20th November

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