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18/01/2017 - Press Release - NHS pushed into further crisis this winter

New research from the Labour Party Health Team shows the NHS is in crisis yet the Government doesn’t have a plan to ensure hospitals in Mid Sussex have the resources they need.

Waiting times are on the rise. The number of people on the waiting list in England is now estimated to be around 3.9 million. Delayed transfers of care are at their highest level since records began. And the number of people left stranded on trolleys waiting for beds to become available on overcrowded hospital wards has risen by more than 600 per cent since October 2010.

Meanwhile shocking reports of hospitals accommodating patients in side rooms and corridors have emerged. Nationally more than one in 10 patients in England waited more than four hours for a hospital bed after emergency admission. It is twice as bad in Mid Sussex. Nearly one in five patients is not treated within four hours. Only one of the UK’s 13 ambulance services is able to meet the target of reaching emergencies within eight minutes.

Pam Haigh, Chair of Mid Sussex Labour, said “There is no doubt that this is a crisis created by cuts and persistent underfunding of the NHS by the Tories. Shamefully, the Government failed to give the NHS and social care a single penny of extra investment in the Autumn Statement. The Tories are letting our NHS and patients down. Its time they invested properly in our NHS. That is why the Labour Party is calling on the Government to take immediate action to protect our NHS The people of Mid Sussex need and deserve a better NHS than we have now.”

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