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09/10/2017 – Press Release - Nicholas Soames’ visit to Robert Mugabe brings shame on Mid Sussex and the United Kingdom

Mid Sussex Labour utterly condemns the actions of Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames in meeting with Robert Mugabe.

This incident is yet another demonstration that the Tories cannot be trusted to represent the United Kingdom on the world stage. Not content with a Foreign Secretary who talks of cleaning up dead bodies in Libya to build beach resorts, or quoting colonial poetry in a Burmese temple, we now have our own Tory MP meeting with a brutal and ruthless dictator, who has spent years inflicting suffering on his own people. Mugabe has since openly interpreted this meeting to be a sign that Britain is open to dialogue with his regime.

Pam Haigh, Chair of Mid Sussex Labour commented that “aside from the obvious moral concerns this visit raises, the people of Mid Sussex should be greatly concerned about where Sir Nicholas’ priorities lie. While he schmoozes dictators, Mid Sussex remains without a sixth form college, suffers a crisis in education funding and a train service barely fit for purpose.”

Labour made great strides in Mid Sussex during the General Election and as we continue to grow in membership, it is clear there is increasing appetite for change. Residents now have the opportunity to demonstrate this and bring about a new era of representation for them, rather than self-serving politics based on irrelevant familial ties.

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