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08/11/2015 - Press Release – Tax Credit Changes to leave working people £1,300 worse off

We are today launching Labour’s campaign in Mid Sussex to stop the Conservatives’ tax credit cut.

Pam Haigh, Chair of Mid Sussex Labour, said, “Nationally, three million families will be affected by this cut. In Mid Sussex alone around 3,200 families will be hit. The Government should not be hitting families who work hard day after day to get by.

“Labour is calling on David Cameron to stop the tax credit cut. We need to balance the books, but the way to do that isn’t to hit the wallets of working families or by introducing a real risk that children will suffer directly as a result of these changes. Why should hard working families have to shoulder the burden of reducing the deficit which was created by the bankers who have not paid any price for their failures?

“When the so called “National Living Wage” is introduced, it will account, on average, for only 26% of what people eligible for benefits or tax credits have lost due to the benefit and tax changes – they will be worse off.

“The Conservatives “National Living Wage” is a myth, as when it is introduced next year it will be lower than the rate set for this year by the Living Wage Foundation. The Conservatives say they are the party for “working people”, yet they are happy to see the income of the lowest paid “working people” reduce as a result of their benefit and tax cuts and their so called “National Living Wage”.

Send a message to David Cameron by signing our Stop the Tax Credit Cut petition. Labour will be campaigning in Mid Sussex towns on 14 November.

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