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08/08/2017 – Press Release - Higher Education Free Zone

Haywards Heath Labour Party is dismayed that those seeking 16 plus education must travel outside the town to get it, for the foreseeable future. Last week’s announcement of a merger between Chichester and Central Sussex Colleges confirms that situation.

The Labour Party has campaigned for a solution to the demise of the Haywards Heath site. Despite that we are now left in a position which will harm local families least able to afford education. To obtain education after 16 people from Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill must travel outside Mid Sussex, unless they attend St Paul’s school.

Greg Mountain, Chair of Haywards Heath Labour Party said. “During the recent County Council and General Election campaigns local residents told me and party activists that not having a college in Haywards Heath is shameful and for some it means they cannot afford to send students to Brighton or Horsham.”

Greg repeated his previous calls for Conservative councillors and our MP to renew efforts immediately to restore our Haywards Heath site. He said “It lays bare the local Conservative Party attitude to education. They have no desire to ensure local students can reach their full potential, unless they are prepared to pay for it. This is a disgrace when we need to improve skill levels in society to face the future in an uncertain world”.

Greg added, “The Labour Party wants everyone to have the chance to realise their potential in life. We will continue to campaign for 16 plus education provision in Haywards Heath. Everyone benefits from a well educated society.”

Greg Mountain

Chair, Haywards Heath Branch of the Labour Party

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