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08/03/2022 – Press Release – Refugees from Ukraine

Mid Sussex Labour Party’s Women’s Officer, Linda Gregory, has written to local MP and Government Minister Mims Davies to ask her to intercede with her Ministerial colleagues on behalf of Ukrainian refugees desperate to reach the safety of Britain.

So far the sanctuary we have offered has been shameful compared with our European neighbours:

And more than 153,000 refugees have moved on to other welcoming destinations in Europe

UK: 50 visas

Source: UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)

‘From embarrassing and inept negotiations over Brexit, to parties in Downing Street while people were dying alone of Covid, and shady donations to the Conservative Party from Russian oligarchs, this Government has made us feel ashamed over and over again,’ says Linda Gregory, ‘For once, it would be really something if they could step up to the mark and make us feel proud to be British again.’

Open Letter to Mims Davies MP

Dear Ms Davies

Against a heart breaking backdrop of desperate Ukrainian refugees being turned away from the UK at Calais, I am writing to you as our MP and a Government Minister, asking you to persuade your colleagues to waive all visa requirements for Ukraine citizens seeking humanitarian refuge in our country. Not one of these women and children is an economic migrant: they are all desperate families being bombed out of the homeland they love.

The people of Mid Sussex, as everywhere in Britain, want their Government and its representatives to show real compassion in the face of most urgent need. If ever there was a time to step forward and help our fellow human beings, that time is now.

Yours sincerely

Linda Gregory

Labour Party Women’s Officer on behalf of Mid Sussex Constituency

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