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06/05/2016 – PCC Election 2016 – Mid Sussex Results

I'm pleased to report that in the Police and Crime Commissioner Election Results declared today, Labour's Michael Jones came 2nd in both Mid Sussex and Sussex.

The Mid Sussex result was:

Conservative 10746
Labour 3180
UKIP 2390
LibDem 2292
Green 1494

After the first preference votes had been taken into account:

Conservative 114570
Labour 61017
UKIP 43075
LibDem 29550
Green 26038

UKIP, LibDem and Green candidates were then eliminated and second preference votes were counted, which results were:

Conservative 24765
Labour 25375

These were added to the first preference votes, the final result being:

Katy Bourne Conservative 139335
Michael Jones Labour 86392

Although I would have preferred to report a win for Labour, coming an emphatic second means that we are still the main opposition to the Conservatives in Mid Sussex.

Many thanks to all of you who helped to arrange distribution of Michael Jones' election leaflet.

Dave Chalkley
Secretary, Mid Sussex Labour Party

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