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05/06/2017 – Press Release - General Election 2017: Land Value Tax

Greg Mountain, Labour’s candidate for Mid Sussex, dismissed critical press articles on Labour’s manifesto about funding local authorities as part of a “Project Fear.

Greg said, “The Labour manifesto is clear that we should explore ways to better fund local authority spending than Council Tax and Business Rates and one idea is to look at Land Value Tax.

Greg added, “Conservative austerity means local authorities are starved of funds to provide vital local services we need. In the last thirty years we have seen a move from Domestic Rates, through the disastrous Thatcher Poll Tax, to the current Council Tax and Business Rates system. The present system is still not fair and the Conservative Government plans to cut financial help to local authorities every year. The country needs to find a way to ensure we get services we need and that everyone carries the burden of taxation fairly. That means having progressive not regressive taxation at local level.”

Greg dispels the myths of a “Garden tax”, that Land Value Tax is an additional tax and would be a greater burden. “Our current system is banded on the size of a property, but is not based on the market value of land. A land value tax replacing Council tax would make administration easier and fairer. It would encourage development in places with lower value land. There is no proposal on a rate of tax.”

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