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04/07/2020 - Black Lives Matter – Statement from Mid Sussex CLP Executive Committee

Mid Sussex CLP Executive Committee stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

We acknowledge the centuries of suffering and discrimination on which this Movement’s struggle is founded and the voice it has given to Black people around the world.

Black people in the UK continue to suffer disproportionate harassment and brutality. Their proposals for tackling this should therefore be considered respectfully. White people cannot and must not project our own value judgements when speaking on behalf of our BAME comrades but should instead be amplifying their voices and their demands.

The Party’s current position on these matters risks the emergence of a hierarchy of racism. All discrimination must be treated equally and stamped out wherever it is found. In this regard, we await with anticipation the results of the investigation into the leaked report and the alleged extensive bullying and harassment of BAME members. This will offer an opportunity to take a principled stand of zero tolerance in this regard.

We further call for justice for the victims of Grenfell Tower and the Windrush Generation, an end to the “hostile environment” for immigrants, an inquiry into BAME deaths from COVID-19 and a reform of the school curriculum to reflect Britain’s role in the slave trade, Empire and colonialism as a start to undoing the historic injustices suffered.

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