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01/03/2017 - Mid Sussex News – Education for All

Labour — Putting West Sussex First

Education at all levels, for all ages and all abilities in Mid Sussex is under massive funding pressure.

This funding crisis is entirely unnecessary.

The reasons are simple:

A bleak future

The independent and highly respected spending watchdog the National Audit Office estimates that per pupil funding across the country will fall by 8% in real terms over the next four years.

Reasons to invest in the future

Your child, or children, may have finished formal education for now, or you may not have children or grandchildren but everyone in society benefits from educating its people.

We all gain by investing in education as society depends on the skills and knowledge people receive from education.

The previous Labour Government regarded its priority as "“education, education, education "”. It’s time to recognise that priority again.

Labour seeks to improve standards for all. That means including providing funds for all secondary pupils, not syphoning money off to support grammar schools.

Employers and business leaders are constantly calling for school leavers to have a greater level of literacy and numeracy skills.

The Labour Party recognises the benefits of a good education for all and is committed to raising the standards of modern-day apprenticeships.

In an uncertain world one thing is certain - everyone benefits from investment in education.

Education Issues in Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex families face significant issues that will hit educational standards:

The Results:

Class sizes are on the increase

Disruption to family lives if childcare provision is needed

A financial impact on families as travel costs for students increase

Woodlands Meed Special Needs School

The lack of funds to resolve the location problems of a school catering for children with special needs in Mid Sussex is disgraceful. The Tory-led County Council will not commit funds to help.

Even our Tory MP said in the House of Commons, “The County Council treated it extraordinarily badly, and in my view, dishonourably over the question of a new building.”

Yet there is still no action or funding.

Labour in West Sussex is determined to work for you and your families

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