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01/02/2017 - Mid Sussex News – County Council Edition

The Labour Party offers a positive, responsible alternative to the Conservative-led Town, District and County Councils.

The Labour Party keeps you informed throughout the year.

Labour — Putting West Sussex First

After the May 2015 Mid Sussex District Council elections, all except one elected representative at District and County levels are Conservatives—and that one is an independent who was elected as a Conservative.

This means virtually no opposition to the Tories, no-one holding them to account, no scrutiny. They are free to take their decisions unopposed. This is not good for democracy and certainly not good for people in Mid Sussex.

Our local authorities must be held to account.

We need a voice and representation that understands the real needs and concerns of local people. At the next County Council elections in May 2017, Labour will provide that voice.

The impact is felt acutely in Social Care, where continuing cuts leave the elderly vulnerable—see our story inside.

Labour is the only positive, responsible alternative

County councillors and who they represent

West Sussex is composed of 7 districts. Voters in these 7 districts elect 70 county ouncillors, one for every electoral division in the district:

West Sussex County Council……..

The Cabinet……..

The County Council is responsible for services such as:

It also spends money on Corporate Services:

The council does not actually deliver these services through its own workforce. In the main West Sussex buys these services from private firms.


Some of your council tax is wasted by topping up private firms’ profits.

The council justifies its approach on the grounds of efficiency and saving money, so it can keep council tax down. Don’t be fooled. It is using your money to pay private firms who must make a profit. So part of your council tax goes to a firm, instead of providing a service to you.

Social care – continuing cuts leave the elderly vulnerable

The County Council’s provision for social care is deteriorating. And yet it has a duty to provide support to those in need:

Source: Leonard Cheshire Disabilities Trust

That means that 81% of requests were denied social care last year.

This was despite more people needing help because of an ageing population.

This is unacceptable and the council must be held to account.

Only Labour can provide the real opposition our towns need.

What Labour in West Sussex stands for

Labour will work for you and your families by: