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16/04/2020 - Labour’s Leaked Report - Statement from Mid Sussex Executive Committee

Mid Sussex CLP Executive Officers and Committee Members have issued the following statement.

TO: Keir Starmer MP, Angela Rayner MP, Andi Fox NEC Chair and Jenny Formby General Secretary of the Labour Party.

Mid Sussex CLP Executive Committee wishes to condemn in the strongest possible terms the alleged pattern of extensive misconduct set out in the 860-page document leaked over the weekend. This document suggests that some Labour Party staff members have been making massive efforts over the last few years to undermine our democratically-elected leadership, compromise our General Election campaigns and impede the fight against antisemitism within our party. The report also indicates a widespread and pervasive culture of bullying, sexism and racism within the party machinery.

We as Labour members rightly feel acutely disappointed, frustrated and angry at the details revealed in this report. We have volunteered our time and energy, often putting the party before ourselves, to bring about a better society through a Labour government. To find we were apparently being thwarted from within, our efforts often mocked by those who were supposed to be supporting us, has left us wondering why we made such efforts in the first place.

Clause 1 states that the purpose of the party is “to organise and maintain in Parliament and in the country a political Labour Party” and, as such, these staff members would appear to be in complete breach of the Labour Party Constitution. If found to be true, their membership of the party must now be in question.

We stand in solidarity with those who have put themselves at risk to commission and write this report, and those whistle-blowers who have leaked its content to the public. We demand that these individuals be protected going forward and that safeguarding measures be established for those named in the report as having suffered abuse.

We welcome the urgent investigation heralded by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner but are concerned that no NEC officers appear to have been contacted in this regard. Internal matters should be dealt with by the ruling body of the party and not the leadership alone and the decision to hold an inquiry, as well as the Terms of Reference of that inquiry, should be set out by an emergency NEC meeting. Furthermore, to put the content of the report and the method of its release on an equal footing for consideration within this investigation is wholly inadequate.

Mid Sussex CLP’s Executive Committee supports the Socialist Campaign Group’s call for immediate action, including:

We also call for those named in the report for possible gross misconduct to be suspended from the party, pending investigation.

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