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28/07/2016 - Haywards Heath Town Council - Franklands by-election

The Results

Ben came a creditable second in yesterdays by-election, with more votes than UKIP and Lib Dems combined, results below.

Conservatives 477
Labour 185
Liberal Democrats 88
Independent 34

The turnout was just over 21%

Vote for Ben Hall your Labour Party Candidate

On 28th July you will have a chance to vote for a Labour candidate. Ben is ideal to look after your interests on Haywards Heath Town Council.

Why give him your vote?

Ben's a local man who understands the issues we all face. He will bring the skills needed to help Franklands residents, to make sure Haywards Heath develops in the ways you want

He has lived in Franklands Ward for 13 years.

Ben has a daughter attending Northlands Wood School.

He has worked as an HCA and staff nurse at the Princess Royal Hospital for 13 years.

As nursing officer for Unison at the PRH, Ben has campaigned tirelessly against unsafe nurse staffing levels, recruitment failures and poor management.

He sees first-hand the parking problems caused by the PRH's car parking charges, which penalise patients' relatives and cost nurses £400 a year to work here.

Ben knows the devastating impact that closure of Central Sussex College's Haywards Heath site will cause, with ever increasing demand from students for post-16 education in a town planning to build thousands of extra homes.

Ben Hall and Local Issues

Ben wants you to know he is committed to helping his fellow residents in Franklands Ward

Ben has no divided loyalties. He is seeking election to challenge the Conservatives locally on our Town Council and will not be holding multiple seats at District or County level

He asks for your support as a Town Councillor. A Labour Councillor will not have a conflict of interest with Conservative council activities at District or County Council

He'll voice your concerns at Council and related meetings, working with all Franklands councillors so you're represented well by different political parties

He will listen and act on your behalf. He will take forward your views on the Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Plan. He has seen the objections to housing developments in the ward and will pursue your concerns with Mid Sussex District Council. Ben passionately believes that the spread of badly planned and expensive housing will exclude many local people and key workers from being able to settle within the town, and it will undermine the long term stability of local services

Ben will offer challenge. At present there is no one to offer a different and positive view on Franklands Ward and Haywards Heath matters. Conservatives from the Prime Minister down recognise Labour Opposition makes for a healthy democracy

Ben Hall and National Issues

Ben recognises that the recent EU Referendum vote means a period of great uncertainty for Britain. He knows we need a positive, progressive programme for the country.
Ben says: "It is entirely wrong to make migrants a scapegoat for what is going wrong in Britain today. But it is accurate to blame this Conservative Government for:

"This Conservative Government chose to pursue austerity as an ideological strategy, designed to reduce spending on public services. This harms those who need support the most. Haywards Heath Town Council slavishly follows the party line. As a result it is harming all of us, not just a few".

What Ben Hall and Haywards Heath Labour Party stand for

ACTION AGAINST TAX HAVENS - As BREXIT increases the risk of tax evasion, it is vital we continue to work with the EU to stop tax evasion and avoidance and ensure this stays on the political agenda

ACTION TO IMPROVE LIVING STANDARDS-We will not allow Tories and UKIP to use BREXIT to undermine the lives of working people

ACTION TO PROTECT WORKERS' RIGHTS - Post BREXIT we must ensure that English law exists to prevent employers from using insecure or exploitative contracts

ACTION TO CREATE JOBS - Ben knows there should be no obstacles to small business success. He will work with the council's community interest company in supporting local businesses

ACTION TO ABOLISH CAR PARKING CHARGES AT THE PRH - It is morally wrong to charge staff, those needing accident and emergency services, using out-patient facilities, or visiting those in hospital. And it creates overspill parking on Franklands Ward's roads

ACTION ON HAYWARDS HEATH TOWN COUNCIL - Ben will be a different voice, able to challenge the ruling Conservatives and shake them up from their complacency

Vote for Ben Hall on 28th July

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