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Your Labour Candidate - Haywards Heath, Lucastes Ward


District Council Candidate

I have lived in Haywards Heath and commuted to work in London for more than thirty years. My four children went through local schools and the local sixth form, when there was one in our town! I have seen the poor decision making that has bedevilled local government in Mid Sussex and which is rooted in the complacency of unchallenged Tory-lead councils. It is time for new voices to be heard in local government, ones that will prompt genuine action, not fake concern, about affordable housing, developer manipulated building schemes, the environment, and the public realm. I will work to make local and district level government accountable.

Vote Thursday 2nd May - don’t forget your poll card!

Time for change

The District and Town Councils are dominated by Conservatives. Electing Labour councillors will be a positive change for Haywards Heath. Only Labour has a vision that will make Mid Sussex a better place to live and work. Your Labour Councillors will:


Stand up to speculative developers

Demand high building standards that include renewable energy

Create more affordable housing

Be more transparent about how council decisions are made

Bring back truly representative local planning committees

Put the environment and green space above profit

Balance the needs of business with the interests of the community

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