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Your Labour Candidate - Haywards Heath, Heath Ward


District Council Candidate

I have lived in Haywards Heath nearly 20 years and now work in Haywards Heath too and I see first hand the need to have the Tory-lead Council held more to account. Better decisions are made when there is a wide range of views expressed. I have worked in central and local government, the private sector and now the not-for-profit sector and will use my experience to ensure better decisions are made at a local and district level. I have two children, one of whom is an adult and know first hand how important it is to ensure we have affordable local housing and prioritise caring for our green spaces and reducing pollution. If elected I will work hard to ensure Council officers work hard for the benefit of all local people especially the most vulnerable and the young who do not have a vote.

Vote Thursday 2nd May - don’t forget your poll card!

Time for change

The District and Town Councils are dominated by Conservatives. Electing Labour councillors will be a positive change for Haywards Heath. Only Labour has a vision that will make Mid Sussex a better place to live and work. Your Labour Councillors will:


Stand up to speculative developers

Demand high building standards that include renewable energy

Create more affordable housing

Be more transparent about how council decisions are made

Bring back truly representative local planning committees

Put the environment and green space above profit

Balance the needs of business with the interests of the community

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