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19/12/2020 – Press Release – Draft Haywards Heath Master Plan – a missed opportunity

Mid Sussex Labour Party believes that Mid Sussex District Council’s Haywards Heath Town Centre Master Plan is a missed opportunity that fails to show what is needed for Haywards Heath people. In the Labour Party’s response to the consultation, we welcome the opportunity to comment on the document but we are critical of the content.

The current draft lacks vision, it is inadequate, unambitious and unrepresentative of Haywards Heath people. Labour urges the planners to go back to the drawing board and address major failings. These failings include a lack of consultation to date and a failure to recognise the growth in population and associated traffic flows in a future where climate change will impact on everyone.

This future proofing of the plan requires a more open approach than seen to date. Haywards Heath residents will expect far more dialogue with them about the future of community resources, such as Clair Hall or modernised shopping facilities.

The Labour Party will hold planners to account at every stage in order to ensure Haywards Heath develops a community soul for the benefit of those who live, work and enjoy leisure here, rather than allow exploitation of the town for the benefit of property developers and their associates.

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