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Haywards Heath Franklands Ward - Town Council - Thursday 19th October 2017

I am Linda Grace, your Labour Party candidate. I know how important it is for Franklands Ward and Haywards Heath to have full democratic representation on the Town Council.

I pledge to you that I will consistently attend and work hard on the Town Council to:

“Voting for me is a vote to help everyone in Franklands Ward”

Your Vote Counts – Elect Linda Grace – your Labour Party Candidate

"Living in Mid Sussex and using public services for most of my life means I understand many challenges facing us locally: traffic volumes, the state of our roads, pressure on schools, GP services and housing development; and regionally as a commuter using a woeful rail service.

“I will bring my lengthy work experience in local government to the Town Council to ask difficult questions on your behalf and relentlessly pursue answers for you.”

Vote Labour - Vote Linda Grace on Thursday 19th October 2017

Text taken from Linda Grace Campaign Leaflet - promoted by Murray Crump on behalf of Linda Grace, both at 15 Junction Road Burgess Hill RH15 0HR

Haywards Heath Franklands Results

Conservative 330

Labour 175

Lib Dem 95

Independent 70


It was a very low turnout at only 16.9%, and while the Tories share of the vote fell by 7%, the Labour share of the vote increased to 25% compared with 21% in 2016.

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