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19/04/2016 - Press Release - Central Sussex College: Closure of Haywards Heath Site

I am dismayed that Central Sussex College has announced its closure of the Haywards Heath site. From all the information on the College website it looks like the decision is deemed final.

I understand an inquest into how this decision was arrived at is underway. This is a serious matter: it may lead to the appearance of the Principal at the Public Accounts Committee to explain the financial mismanagement of public funds.

But our immediate concern must be for those seeking further education in Mid Sussex. Establishing new arrangements for those intending to start at the College in September 2016 on other sites is one thing. But it does not help with forced changes in subject choices, revised lifestyles, or the cost and length of travel to Crawley! I’ve seen no mention of such concerns.

In the longer term we must investigate whether the site would be viable, if the debt was dealt with.

Local residents, parents and former students I’ve spoken with are united. It’s a disgraceful decision and we must not lose the Haywards Heath site. I call upon all the stakeholders to act now to ensure that Mid Sussex is a great place to live for all. We must offer education to anyone over 16 who wants to study on the campus in Haywards Heath, now and in the future.

Greg Mountain

Mid Sussex Constituency Labour Party

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