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13/04/2017 Bentswood News - Town Council By-Election Special

Vote for Ian Winterflood and Suzanne Nicolson for Town Council on Thursday 4th May

On Thursday 4th May you will have the chance to vote for Labour Party candidates to fill both vacancies on Haywards Heath Town Council in Bentswood ward. Ian and Suzanne are ideal to look after your interests at our Town Hall

Ian Winterflood says:

I have lived in Haywards Heath with my wife since 1995. I want to see our town keep its identity and vibrancy, surrounded by beautiful countryside. I started my career as an apprentice plumber. Now as a Director of a national heating company providing services to the UK social housing sector, I understand the complex housing situation, and why self-employed people need to be protected at work

Suzanne Nicolson says:

I am one of your two local Bentswood Ward candidates. I have lived in Haywards Heath with my partner for 27 years I spent 10 years as a volunteer councellor for Samaritans and 22 years in the independent living sector, working with social services. I have first hand recent experience of the devastating impact of Conservative austerity measures on social services and care for the ageing

Ian and Suzanne on Local Issues...

Ian winterflood and Suzanne Nicolson want you to know they are fully committed to helping residents in Benswood Ward.

They have no divided loyalties. They are seeking election to challenge the Conservatives locally on our Town Council and will not be holding multiple seats at District or County level.

They ask for your support as Town Councillors; Labour Councillors will not have a conflict of interest with Conservative council activities at District or County Council.

They'll voice your concerns at Council and related meetings, working with all Bentswood councillors so you're represented well by different political parties.

They will listen and act on your behalf. They will take forward your views on the Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Plan. They have seen the objections to housing developments in the ward and will persue your concerns with Mid Sussex District Council. Both passionately believe that the spread of badly planned and expensive housing will exclude many local people and key workers from being able to settle within the town, and that it will undermine the long term stability of local services.

They will offer challenge. At present there is no one to offer a different and positive view on Bentswood Ward and Hayward Heath matters. Conservatives from the Prime Minister down recognise Labour Opposition makes for a healthy democracy.

...and also on National Issues

Ian and Suzanne recognise that last year's EU Referendum vote means a period of great uncertainty for Britain. They know we need a positive, progressive programme for the country.

They say "it is entirely wrong to make migrants a scapegoat for what is going wrong in Britain today. But it is accurate to blame this Conservative Government for":

"This Conservative Government chose to pursue austerity as an ideological strategy, designed to reduce spending on public services. This harms those who need support the most. Haywards Heath Town Council slavishly follows the party line. As a result it is harming all of us, not hust a few".

Improving our lives in Bentswood Ward

Ian and Suzanne's pledges to you that they will:

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