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12/09/2016 - Press Release – Haywards Heath Town Day 2016

Haywards Heath Branch of the Labour Party wishes readers to know it hopes that this year’s Town Day is a tremendous success. It is a special year as 2016 marks 175 years since the railway arrived in the town.

The Labour Party wants readers to know it will not be present with a stall in Victoria Park on Saturday 17 September. The reason is simple. Haywards Heath Town Council officials decided not to invite political parties to provide a stall at this year’s event.

We are extremely disappointed at this decision. It prevents people attending the Victoria Park event from using the opportunity to meet local Labour Party members. There are thousands of people in Mid Sussex who support the Labour Party and we in turn have supported the town at this annual event for many years.

At a time when many people show an active interest in politics, witness the turn out for the EU referendum this year, which exceeded that for the 2015 General Election, this decision is perverse. There is insufficient representation of parties opposed to the Conservatives on the Town Council and this decision reinforces in the public’s mind that local Conservatives cannot tolerate any opposition. Labour Party members will continue with our efforts to make Haywards Heath a thriving community for all, not a selected few.

Yours faithfully

Greg Mountain
Joint Acting Chair, Haywards Heath Labour Party

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