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Haywards Heath think bigger, think better

11/01/2021 - Press Release - Think Bigger, Think Better

Labour's view on the future of Haywards Heath Masterplan & Clair Hall

As Labour Party candidates for West Sussex County Council elections in May 2021 we welcome our MP’s support for improving the Haywards Heath Master Plan. It is heartening to read that she agrees with our advice for a revised, ambitious plan. Haywards Heath is the fastest growing town in Mid Sussex, and that's why we implore the council to think bigger and better for the future of local residents.

Last December the Labour Party’s response to Mid Sussex Council’s consultation on the Master Plan emphasised the need to make the plan more ambitious and forward looking. We now urge councillors to follow our and Mims Davies' advice to make Clair Hall an inclusive facility suitable for future generations.

In our view the decision taken to close Clair Hall was rushed and based on questionable data. Like many in Mid Sussex we see how wrong the decision was. The building is vital now as a Covid 19 Vaccination hub. It was vital before as a Polling Station, a blood donor, meeting and entertainment venue.

A strategy to consolidate is insufficient. We urge councillors to be bold, to think bigger and better on refurbishing or replacing Clair Hall. Any future decisions must take account of community views already expressed through social media and through responses to the Master Plan. Individuals and groups, such as Haywards Heath Community Interest Company and Age Concern must have a voice in providing Haywards Heath with a sustainable, job creating and forward thinking plan. And if the council can’t do it hand it over to those who can and will.

Labour County Council Candidates

Paul Kenny – for Cuckfield and Lucastes

Greg Mountain – for Haywards Heath Town

Rich Whiting – for Haywards Heath East

Tim Weekes – for Lindfield and High Weald

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