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Your Labour Candidate:

West Sussex County Council Lindfield & High Weald Division


"I am Tim Weekes your Labour Party candidate for the West Sussex County Council Elections due to be held this year. Please support me, your local candidate as your County Councillor for the next four years so that together we can think bigger and better about the future of Lindfield and the High Weald"

I have been a resident of Mid Sussex since 1995 with my partner, and we have brought up our three children here. Like so many in Mid Sussex, my family has benefited from a great education in our local state schools and wonderful care from local health services. These services were left in good shape by the last Labour government, but Tory rule in government and at the county council has produced ten years of cuts. These cuts have left schools, nurseries and the public health service desperately short of money, with too few staff in deteriorating buildings.

If I am elected as your Labour councillor for Lindfield and High Weald, I will make the case for investing in core public services, and for stopping the vanity schemes on which West Sussex’s Tories are proposing to waste council taxpayers’ money.


West Sussex County Council Election Thursday 6th May 2021


WSCC key issues


In the next few years Council Departments will face massive financial challenges in delivering services to everyone in West Sussex. Now is the time to challenge the complacent and unambitious status quo in the county. In order to drive for public money to be better spent, it is vital that we have Labour Councillors in County Hall, Chichester from 2021 to scrutinise decisions. With your support, I can get elected and do that job.


Reverse Tory cuts to Local Government

60p in £1 has been cut from the budget allocated to West Sussex from the Government so we pay £737 more a year in Council Tax than they did in 2014. Labour will work hard to reverse these cuts.

Caring for the health, education and welfare of all age groups

Labour's focus is always on everyones health, education and welfare. From early years education to adult social care, wellbeing is our priority.

Unlocking the innovative, economic and co-operative strengths of our community

Labour will ensure a democratic community-led process, so residents can help shape the future of Lindfield.

Leading a Green Revolution through sustainability and accessibility

Labour Councillors pledge to place the environment in the forefront of everything we do – from waste disposal to public transport, we will ensure that West Sussex County Council leads the way on the environment.


I am not the only candidate for a local County Council seat. My fellow team members standing for other seats are Greg Mountain, Paul Kenny and Richard Whiting. Together we will campaign on your behalf on issues that are important to Labour Party members and people in Haywards Heath and the surrounding villages. Shortly we will be in touch with you to help us determine the main issues and how you may be able to help our campaigns. Meanwhile I hope you can stay safe in these challenging times.

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