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21/05/2016 - Mid Sussex Labour in EU Remain Alliance

On Saturday 21st May, in Burgess Hill there was a truly amazing sight with Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens working side-by-side.

On this most critical issue, party members have put aside their differences and have joined forces to push for a greater cause, for the United Kingdom to remain and prosper in the European Union.

It made a huge impact having members from these political parties together, alongside our Member of Parliament, rallying public support for Britain’s secure future. At its peak the event had some 20 supporters united in distributing literature and engaging with the general public.

With different coloured tables, rosettes and leaflets it was truly a ‘rainbow alliance’ of Conservatives, Lib-Dems, Labour and Greens - all in unity to avoid uncertainty and to remain as a leading member of the EU, with the advantageous position we enjoy. For all of us who were there and took part it was an extremely exhilarating and poignant experience.

Whichever way the individual citizens of Burgess Hill decide to vote on 23rd June, there is little doubt about the passion and commitment of their local politicians.

Richard Cherry
Campaign Coordinator for Britain Stronger IN
And Conservatives in Europe for Britain

Pam Haigh
Chair Mid Sussex Labour

Roger Cartwright
Chair Burgess Hill Liberal Democrats

Anne Eves
Green Party

As reported in the Mid Sussex Times

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