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22/06/2016 – Labour In for Britain

The referendum to determine whether or not we stay in the European Union takes place this Thursday 23 June 2016.

The choice in this referendum, to REMAIN or LEAVE, is one of the most important decisions of a generation and will affect us all for many years to come.

And unlike in a General Election even in safe majority seats EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Make sure you vote to REMAIN.

Reasons to REMAIN

To reform the EU we must be part of it and our Deputy Leader Tom Watson proposes a review of EU directives to ensure UK workers are not undercut and migrant workers not exploited

Leave and Conservatives wrongly blame EU

During the Referendum Campaign those supporting Leave use the EU as a scapegoat for problems and issues that are firmly rooted in Conservative Government Policies.

The EU is not responsible for:

It wrong to blame Migrants but it is right to blame this Conservative Government for:

This Conservative government chose to pursue austerity, reduce spending on public services and hi-jacking the Minimum Wage.


ACTION AGAINST TAX HAVENS - It is vital we continue to work with our EU partners to stop evasion and avoidance. Our MEP, Anneliese Dodds, is heavily involved in this fight. We must not let her work go to waste

ACTION TO IMPROVE LIVING STANDARDS – We must take the opportunity of our Presidency in 2017 to reduce energy prices to help businesses and households by introducing and EU wide energy grid

ACTION TO PROTECT WORKERS’ RIGHTS - We can work with EU countries to prevent employers from using insecure or exploitative contracts.

ACTION TO ENSURE GREATER SECURITY – To counter cross-border terrorism we need cross-border co-operation

ACTION TO CREATE JOBS – We are on the verge of seeing the single market being widened and deepened. In particular there will be huge opportunities from opening up digital services. This will create growth and job opportunities.

Before he became Labour Leader John Smith said in 1971

“Economic forces must be brought under popular control”

He was arguing we needed institutions bigger than national governments to counter multi nationals. Thus he supported joining the EEC so Democracy could have primacy over technology.

That is still true today


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