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19/06/2018 - £14 to visit the Doctor

This could be the situation for some patients who want to visit the doctor after the merger of Judges Close and Moatfield Surgeries.

If you are elderly, cannot drive, or do not own a car, Judges Close Surgery is easily accessible by bus. All the bus routes from the surrounding area converge on East Grinstead High Street and stop by the War Memorial. It is then just a short walk into Judges Close. Moatfield Surgery however is in St Michaels Road, a turning off Moat Road. No busses go down Moat Road, the nearest bus stops, depending on the bus route are in London Road or Railway Approach. The nearest bus stop is a half mile walk away, and even longer from some of the others. If you are elderly, not very mobile, and not feeling well, the usual reason for visiting the doctor, it is quite a struggle especially in winter when it could be pouring with rain or freezing cold.

This means a taxi ride and from most places in East Grinstead it would cost between £5 and £7each way. This could mean a £14 return trip, far too much if you are a Pensioner or low paid.

The Labour Party is not opposed to the merger of the 2 surgeries, on the contrary there are sound reasons for it, especially as all GP surgeries are facing difficult financial circumstances because of the serious underfunding of the Health Service by the Tory Government.

The Labour Party is calling for all parties concerned, the 2 surgeries, the Town, District and County Councils to support the Labour Party’s campaign to either re-route buses via Moat Road. Or better still adopt the Labour Party’s proposal, contained in our alternative Town Plan to introduce an electric Hopper bus service that runs on a figure of eight route around the major centres of East Grinstead. This would not only help patients but shoppers as well by cutting down on the necessity to drive into town creating pollution and having to park making East Grinstead an even pleasanter place to live.

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