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18/07/2016 – East Grinstead at the Donkey Derby

East Grinstead Branch had a publicity stand at the Town's Donkey Derby last Sunday, which is a major local charity raising event. This was all arranged long before the leadership crises but many of us reflected that it was appropriate.

When the runners and riders for the first race were announced we learned that one of the donkeys was called "Take me to your leader" we could not resist the temptation to back it heavily. We felt this could give us inspiration but sadly the donkey came in last!

Was this an omen?

We did well however, attracting a lot of interest and running a competition to name celebrities and assign them quotes. The Mayor of East Grinstead won the draw picking the Downing Street cat Larry with the quote "You are confused-what about me? I live here!!” He won a book about Winnie the Pooh another local celebrity.

In fact Larry the cat attracted many more entries than the political personalities, but the best of the rest was a picture of Ronnie Wood which attracted the entry "Trust Mick he always must get one up on me"

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