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16/08/2018 - Tory Cross on the Ballot Paper - Crossed Legs in our Towns

The BBC are running a feature on the demise of council run public toilets.

The BBC website shows that Public Toilets in Mid Sussex have reduced from 12 in 2010 to 6 in 2018 a reduction in 6.

This will become an issue in Burgess Hill after the closure of the Cyprus Road toilets a couple of years ago and with no provision for public toilets in the town centre development.

Although to their credit East Grinstead Town Council took over the building and running of a new public toilet in the centre of EG during that time, closing an ancient facility nearby.

Perhaps we should be calling on other town councils to follow East Grinstead Town Council's example?

To check the situation in other areas go to BBC Reality Check: Public Toilets Mapped

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