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Blatant bias shown by BBC in their TV Programme on the Southern Rail dispute broadcast 10th January 2017

On Tuesday evening 10th January 2017 the BBC broadcast a special programme on the southern Rail dispute from East Grinstead.

One of our East Grinstead members attended as a member of the audience and a lot of our members will have watched the programme.

We are disappointed that the Labour Party was not represented. There were representatives from the RMT, Go Via Thameslink, a Conservative MP, and a Liberal Democrat member of TFL.

Was a Labour representative invited, and if not what protests have we made about this clearly unbalanced situation?

If we were invited, why did we not attend?.

This was a wonderful opportunity to put across the argument for renationalisation, the audience were clearly in favour and we could have won much needed support in the South East.

We have subsequently learnt that the Labour Press Office offered our Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Andy Macdonald. Unfortunately he was turned down.

Though national party officials do not consider Labour was badly treated, the East Grinstead Branch does and will strenuously argue for representation of the largest political party by membership anywhere in Europe.

We encourage members to make a formal complaint to the BBC regarding its biased political coverage during the debate.

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