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15/02/2016 - Press Release - East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan

Response by East Grinstead Labour Party to the town councils final version of the Neighbourhood Plan.

We appreciate that considerable efforts have been made to accommodate the wide variety of comments from East Grinstead residents and businesses alike including the labour party.

We recognise however that the Town Council have been constrained by the inability of the District Council to conclude a district plan which is again heavily influenced by the government’s lack of political backbone to make any decision on the future of Gatwick Airport.

The development of Gatwick Airport will mean much more housing in the area which will impact on both the district and town plans.

However we are still disappointed that affordable housing which includes both for purchase and social rent including single bedroom accommodation is not sufficiently encouraged. Young families need somewhere to live and most housing is way above their means.

There is little to support local jobs and there is a danger that East Grinstead will become a dormitory town for people working in Crawley, Croydon and London.

We are pleased that our suggestion to include electronic signposting to car parks is supported but are again disappointed that nothing is mentioned about future transport policy.

Whilst we appreciate the Town Council do not have that responsibility they could have an aspiration to pedestrianise the High Street and campaign to that end, to improve public transport, cycle ways and pedestrian routes.

Shopping and sightseeing in the narrow part of the high street are a nightmare with traffic literally brushing past your elbow and noise and fumes polluting the atmosphere.

Further eastwards car parking obscures the historic buildings undermining the tourist and shopping potential of our historic town.

Overall the plan is lacking in vision and seems to be saying play safe and expresses a general do nothing attitude that lets down the residents of East Grinstead. We could do better.

Brian Sturtevant
Chairman, East Grinstead Labour Party

See the Press Release at East Grinstead online

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