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12/07/2016 – East Grinstead’s Neighbourhood Plan disappointing

“We are extremely disappointed”

Whilst welcoming at last the long awaited East Grinstead Neighbourhood plan from the Town Council, only 4 years after the consultation started, the local branch of East Grinstead Labour party believe it is a wasted opportunity.

In its response to the Councils proposals the local Labour Party branch has expressed disappointment that many of the suggestions made during the earlier consultation by the branch and others have not been taken up.

There is a desperate need for affordable housing for owner occupiers and social housing for rent, including single bedroom properties in both sectors, so that both young and old people can stay in the area, and to offset the consequences of the bedroom tax, yet there is nothing in the plan for these important groups in the community. Instead the plan appears to allow the development of existing urban green infrastructure to the detriment of the community.

This is a golden opportunity for

We need a pedestrian friendly High Street

Our acute traffic and parking problems have not been addressed. There are no pedestrian friendly plans for the High Street to capitalise on the historic centre of the town and to create a safe, friendly environment for people to shop, trade and to boost tourism. Vague words about improving cycle and pedestrian routes are not matched by concrete proposals or at the least a professional survey.

An opportunity to integrate and improve public transport to reduce car usage is missing.

Let us be proud of our Heritage – Let us have better

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