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Your Labour Candidates:Tara Greatorex and Linda Greatorex

Mid Sussex District Council Laylands Ward
Burgess Hill Town Council Leylands and Hammonds Wards


Leylands Town and District Council Candidate.

In my work as a midwife and in my daily life I see the need for our Tory-led Council to be held to account.

Across Mid Sussex Labour has listened and talked with people, and contributed to the planning process and Neighbourhood Plans. We have campaigned on rail privatisation, the Living Wage, parking charges and Mid Sussex District Council’s handling of town centre redevelopment.

If elected as a Labour councillor I will fight to challenge the status quo of Mid Sussex being run by Tory Councillors. With a wider range of views expressed and improved accountability, better decisions will be made that will improve our whole community and ultimately our quality of life.


District Council Leylands Ward and Burgess Hill Town Council Hammonds Ward Candidate.

I have lived in Burgess Hill since 2001 with my husband and our four children, who have all attended school in Burgess Hill. I enjoy spending time with my family and two rescue Golden Retrievers.

Redeveloping the town centre seems to be progressing very slowly and without any real direction, with residents very much a secondary consideration.

With more housing about to be built in the north west corner of the ward near to the household waste recycling site, and then in the Northern Arc on the edge of the ward, I would work to ensure that the needs of the people of Leylands Ward are taken into account. If you share this vision, please vote for me on May 2nd. I am a proud member of Unite the Union.

Vote Thursday 2nd May - don’t forget your poll card!

Your Labour team's pledges to you

We will always put your interests above all else on the District and Town councils.

We will press for local decision-making. Our growing town of 35,000 people should not be governed by a handful of District Council cabinet members in Haywards Heath.

We will press for better public services – road sweeping, grass cutting, maintaining public areas, etc.

We will campaign for a good and improved bus service and fight against any reduction in services.

We will work constructively with other councillors, considering issues on their merits alone.

We will always be available – listening to your concerns and pressing for action to resolve difficulties.

The Conservatives promised a vibrant redeveloped town centre - What have we seen so far?

As part of the redevelopment we were promised a permanent ‘state-of-the-art’ replacement for the library after its temporary move

Whose fault is this? You can choose between:

- the Conservative Town Council

– the Conservative District Council

- the Conservative County Council or

- the Conservative Government

A vote for Labour is a vote to:

Stand up to speculative developers

Demand high building standards that include renewable energy

Create more affordable housing

Be more transparent about how council decisions are made

Bring back truly representative local planning committees

Put the environment and green space above profit

Balance the needs of business with the interests of the community

If you do have anything you wish to discuss with us then please do not hesitate to contact Tara or Linda at

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