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St Johns and Meads Wards needs Labour councillors to work for local residents


Town and District Council Candidate

The area now covered by the new St Johns Ward of Burgess Hill Town Council was served by a Labour Councillor from 2012 to 2015. My colleague worked hard to ensure that residents in the area were represented when individual planning applications were submitted and worked to ensure that waiting restrictions were improved at the St Johns Road/Park Road junction. I would continue to work for St Johns residents.


District Council Candidate

Having lived and worked in Burgess Hill nearly all my life and raised my family here, I understand the needs of our residents. I have seen the town decline from a vibrant, thriving community to a mere shell of its former self and, if elected to District Council, I will endeavour to ensure that we attract independent shops and retain something of our own identity.

St Johns Ward needs Labour Councillors in 2019 so that your voice can be heard once again.

Burgess Hill, a town of 35,000 people, has been run by a small Cabinet Team at Mid Sussex District Council, none of whom directly represent Burgess Hill, for too long.

The Conservative-run Burgess Hill Town Council have not challenged the Conservative-run District Council—because many of the Councillors have been running both councils.

In this election there is the opportunity to start to put that right.

Ian Greaterox and Elaine Bolton would:

Ian Greatorex and Elaine Bolton would like to hear from you at

If you have any comments on the items in this leaflet, good or bad, or to arrange an appointment for a residents’ surgery with our local campaigners at a time convenient to you.

Ian Greatorex says,

Elaine Bolton says,

Only by electing Ian Greatorex and Elaine Bolton as Labour Councillors will residents of St Johns Ward get the improvements they deserve.

With your vote Labour can win here.


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