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20/04/2017 – County Council By-Election 2017 - Burgess Hill North Division

Elect Simon Hayward - Labour Party Candidate for Burgess Hill North Division of West Sussex County Council

Residents of Burgess Hill have been telling myself and my team how much they resent the excessive housebuilding in and around Burgess Hill.

A District Plan would help control development but the Conservative-run Mid Sussex District Council have twice failed to get one agreed.

Yet the Conservative candidate in this Division is a current District Councillor. I would fight hard for an open and accountable planning process.

I would challenge the Conservatives at County Hall, so that the views of Burgess Hill residents are heard and we can improve the lives of Mid Sussex people.

Conservative-run councils are failing Burgess Hill

The District Plan

The lack of an agreed District Plan or a 5-year Housing Supply Target is giving Developers the green light to build virtually wherever they want. Without an agreed District Plan planning rules presume that development should be agreed. Twice the District Plan proposed by the Conservative-run Mid Sussex District Council has been found to be inadequate by the Government Inspector. This is not the fault of the Developers or the Government Inspector - it's the fault of the Conservative Mid Sussex District Councillors who have not managed to get a plan agreed. And without an agreed District Plan the council cannot access as much money to improve the community from the developers.

Woodlands Meed Special School

When the new school was built to replace dilapidated buildings elsewhere, it was always intended that land at the Oakmeeds School site would be used for further buildings for older children aged 14-19. However, when Oakmeeds School became an academy all of the land was handed over to it meaning that the land earmarked for the new building cannot be used as it is no longer under Conservative-run West Sussex County Council control.

Martlets Hall

The planning for the revamped Burgess Hill Town Centre included giving the developers the site of the Martlets Hall without any thought being given to what may replace it. Now, with the plans in place and demolition likely in the next couple of years, Conservative-run Burgess Hill Town Council has belatedly started looking around for a replacement facility, but with a suitable site to find, money to raise and building to be done there seems little chance of the replacement facility being ready when the Martlets Hall has to close.

Charges at Council Tips

The unpopular charges imposed by the Conservative-run West Sussex County Council for dumping some waste at Waste Disposal sites have been suspended following the campaign waged by Labour Councillors at County Hall. As the Council say on their website "householders visiting any West Sussex amenity site will no longer be charged for the deposit of material which results from the sort of work householders would normally carry out on their homes - what most people would refer to as DIY waste". It's a pity they didn't think of that, and all the fly-tipping that has taken place, before they introduced the charges. However, charges for the disposal of tyres remain in place

County Council Waste

Conservative-run West Sussex County Council actually runs few services itself—most services are contacted out to private companies who are making profits at the expense of West Sussex Council taxpayers. Meanwhile, in the last four years the county council has replaced its Chief Executive with a Chief Operating Officer, then decided they needed a Chief Executive after all—and recruited one at a salary in excess of that earned by the Prime Minister!

Vote for Simon Hayward on May 4th

Simon will get the voice of Burgess Hill heard at County Hall, unlike the failed Conservative Councillors

In the General Election and the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Labour came second place to the Conservatives and Labour polled well in the 2015 District and Town Council elections. Labour is well placed to provide effective opposition to the Conservatives.

Simon Hayward says:

The Conservatives old promises are again being recycled-town redevelopment, several thousand extra houses, major infrastructure improvements, and improved shopping centre, a new science park, or a new business park. The reality is potholed roads, crumbling pavements, a run-down shopping centre, social care in crisis, warnings of larger class sizes and a shorter school week. Don’t fall for it again!

I will…

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