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16/03/2019 – St John’s Ward News

Improving Our Environment

Whilst most people recognise that Burgess Hill is a great place to live, we are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of care over our environment:

There is a chronic lack of grass-cutting of our verges and green places. Streets and gutters are suffering from an excess of rubbish and weeds and, despite extra money being given to West Sussex County Council for this purpose, potholes and ruts in our roads are now at an all-time high.

When was your street last swept and cleaned? Many roads have not seen a street cleaner in months.

Who is to blame?

You can choose between:

What would labour do?

Labour would:

Improving Burgess Hill

Town Centre Redevelopment

The redevelopment plans are running many months late. Why are we waiting – what is going on????

Mid Sussex District Council disgracefully decided to hand over the Martlets Hall to New River Developments - without any requirement for them to fund a replacement, fund infrastructure improvements, or provide any affordable housing as part of the 150 new flats.

Argos have moved into the covered Martlets Shopping Centre, so now virtually all of the shop units in the Martlet Heights and library area have stood empty for months.

The library was due to move to its temporary site last February but this site is still not ready. Will this inadequate temporary library be funded by the developer (New River) or be subsidised Council Tax payers? It now appears that the site proposed for a permanent Library is being considered for a bowling ally. Will Burgess Hill get the permanent new “state-of-the-art” Library we were promised?

The Martlets Hall and Martlets Café have been unused since the end of July. Now we hear that Mid Sussex District Council is to pay for the hall to be demolished so that the site can be used as a temporary car park

The demolition works that the District Council said would commence in August have not yet started

Clearence of the Gas Works site on Leylands Road to allow for the re-location of Lidl was subject to lengthy delays but has eventually started - on a site allocated for housing in the local plan!

New River have pre-sold the flats to another company for £35million

It is time that New River, Mid Sussex District Council and local councillors told the people of Burgess Hill what is going on

Ian Greaterox would like to hear from you, if you have any comments on items in this leaflet, good or bad, or to arrange an appointment with our local campaigner at a time convenient to you, email Ian at

Free Car Parking

Our town centre is suffering from a malaise caused by delays in the town centre redevelopment. Fewer people appear to be visiting our town to shop. Many towns offer three hours of free parking and have reported increased activity as a result. Why can Burgess Hill not do the same?


Through their abject failure to get a District Plan agreed by the Planning Inspector for several years, the Conservative District Council allowed developers to ride roughshod over the concerns of local residents when it came to building new estates and houses.

Developers were able to argue that there was no District Plan and, as we know, there was an acknowledged shortage of housing in the area.

Developers took full advantage Mid Sussex District Council ‘s failure and proposed developments throughout the District—which local residents were able to do little about.

Labour has consistently condemned this failure to get a district plan agreed.

We welcome the agreed district plan and hope that Mid Sussex district council will now use it effectively to control development schemes.

70 years of the National Health Service

To commemorate the 70th birthday of the NHS, a great Socialist achievement, Burgess Hill Labour Party collected well over 200 signatures and messages of support in two hours in the Town Centre.

These were written on a giant birthday card which was delivered to the Princess Royal Hospital. The staff were overwhelmed to know of the esteem in which they are held by our community.

Labour will support and improve our Health Service by:

Sixth Form Education

It is a scandal that the Conservatives allowed the Sixth Form College in Haywards Heath to close leaving virtually no current provision for post-16 education in Mid Sussex, with students forced to travel miles to Crawley, Horsham or Brighton.

The Conservatives are understood to have accepted an offer for Chichester College to reopen the college in Haywards Heath but two years have been wasted where most sixth form students have not been educated locally.

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