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14/03/2021 - Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

Letter sent to Mims Davies, Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, from Sue Jex, West Sussex County council Labour Candidate for Burgess Hill East

Dear Ms Davies,

I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the authoritarian direction taken by this government. As I understand things, our democracy has checks and balances to keep it working well and to protect us against an overbearing government.

These checks and balances are being dismantled by this government:


Civil Service

Parliamentary scrutiny

Judicial review

Free press

Our right to peaceful protest

And this is happening at a time when the government itself is prepared to break international law, to renege on international agreements, to fail to publish contracts within the legal timeframe and then to lie about having done so, and to ignore the recommendations of Sir Alex Allan in the case of Priti Patel’s bullying of Sir Philip Rutnam resulting in a settlement of £304,000 plus legal fees to be picked up by the taxpayer.

I am asking you to stand up for our protections and safeguard our democracy by voting against any measure that weakens those safeguards. I am asking you to vote against the clauses covering protest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, or at least to separate out those clauses for further scrutiny and debate. It is not right that such important legislation be rushed through the House of Commons so quickly.

Yours sincerely

Sue Jex

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