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14/03/2016 – Press Release - Burgess Hill Labour Party opposes renewal of Trident

Burgess Hill Labour Party unanimously decided to oppose the renewal of Trident, following a debate at its recent Branch meeting.

The Branch meeting heard from Russell Whiting from the Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Russell pointed out that at present the UK had 4 submarines with 8 missiles and 4 warheads, and only one deterrent vessel at sea, all of which need to be taken out of service by 2030.

Russell Whiting said, "Replacing Trident submarines would cost £41 billion over the length of the project, money which would be better spent elsewhere in government, including conventional defences. Trident is not even independent so the UK couldn't use it without the agreement of the US Government".

David Andrews, Chair of Burgess Hill Labour, said, “189 of the 196 countries in the world do not see the need for nuclear weapons, and Burgess Hill Labour Party thinks the United Kingdom should follow suit. The UK has no moral authority to try to stop other countries acquiring the weapons if we continue to use them ourselves. We intend to campaign within the Labour Party, and more widely in the Community, against the renewal of these obscene weapons”.

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