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14/03/2016 – Press Release – A Good Year for Burgess Hill Labour Party

Burgess Hill Labour Party reflected on an excellent 2015 at its recent Annual General Meeting.

Membership more than doubled during the year and there was an increased number of members attending meetings and activities.

The Labour vote in the 2015 Mid Sussex District Council and Burgess Hill Town Councils was the highest for many years and in the General Election Labour overtook the Liberal Democrats as the main challengers to the Conservatives in Mid Sussex.

Burgess Hill Labour Party had a high profile during our town centre campaigns, housands of leaflets were delivered and we spoke to a large number of electors.

Three social events were held during 2015, which had raised finance for the branch campaigning activities.

David Andrews, who was elected as the Chair of Burgess Hill Labour Party for 2016, said, “This is an exciting time for Labour with a Leader who represents the grass roots of the party and whose election has been responsible for the growing membership and provides positive messages on Britain's role in the world and in the European Union”.

New members are welcome – join the Labour Party at www.labour.org.uk"/ or email

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