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14/02/2015 Protect and improve our Health Service

The coalition government’s health service reorganisation which cost £3billion, yet nobody wanted or voted for, has led to ambulances queuing at Casuality units and less patients being seen at casualty within four hours.

Local Authority Social Care budgets have been cut to the bone leading to a massive reduction in the support available to vulnerable older people:

Labours plans will:

The Coalition Government have made political decisions which have inevitably caused the chaos we now see. The Conservatives are privatising more and more of the NHS and UKIP's aim is to privatise all of it. But privatisation boosts company profits instead of providing more health care and is more costly than the NHS providing treatment in-house.

Councillor David Andrews, leader of the Labour Group on Burgess Hill Town Council said, "Burgess Hill Labour Party fully supports the nurses, midwives and anciliary staff in their request for a modest increase in wages. Their pay has been severely restrained for the last five years and it is time to recognise their dedication in keeping the service running to the standard that it is."

*Source: Data for Brighton and Sussex University NHS Trust

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