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12/09/2018 - West Sussex cuts to homelessness services

Vulnerable young people and Adults across West Sussex will be affected by the cuts to homelessness services, which help to get people rough sleeping off the streets or prevent them from falling into rough sleeping when either their home life or local authority care accommodation comes to an end and they take steps into independence.

Crawley Open House is likely to have to close its night shelter (26 beds?) and only continue running their day centre.

Worthing Churches Homelessness Project is also a fairly local project that will be badly hit.

Particularly relevant to us in Burgess Hill is the YMCA Downslink project, which provides supported housing services for young people Burgess Hill, Horsham, Crawley and Worthing.

In addition to this, the Local Assistance Network will also be slashed. This currently provides assistance for households with and without children on a low income, in crisis who require essentials such as food, clothing, furniture, white goods or help with gas/electric or petrol and travel costs. This will affect Furnihelp in Mid Sussex specifically.

For further information please see:

Press Release and impact assessment from West Sussex Labour.

There is also a Petition for people to sign.

And an article in the Worthing Herald

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