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11/04/2019 - St Andrews News – Election Special

The Labour Party offers a positive, responsible alternative to the Conservative-led Town, District and County Councils

Labour — Putting Burgess Hill First

Important Town and District Council Elections 2nd May 2019

Tony Balsdon and David Andrews are pleased to have been chosen as the Labour candidates for these elections

Tony Balsdon

Tony has been active in the community for many years and has a particular interest in St Andrews Ward. He is a former Leader of the Town Council and was involved in the positive decision to accept major housing development on the assumption that this would provide massive funding for improvements to the town.

Tony says, “I am very disappointed that the original concept of the development money being ring fenced to Burgess Hill and administered by the local community did not happen, with all the decisions now being taken by Mid Sussex District Council in Haywards Heath.”

David Andrews

David was a member of Burgess Hill Town Council for three years until 2015. He worked and consulted with the community on the Neighbourhood Plan, which included the possibility of a multi-storey car park at Wivelsfield Station. He was instrumental in setting up an East of Burgess Hill Working Party to identify improvements and funding for projects in St Andrews. Suggestions were made for the green areas at Woodland Crescent and St Andrews Road. Plans were in place for an architect to consider ways to improve Worlds End with modern pavements, improvements to the street scene, flower baskets etc. He liaised with the housing association to find a solution to the problem of the derelict garages in Manor Road, was promised improvements to the roads, particularly Cants Lane and Junction Road, and was assured that a new bridge would replace the wobbly bridge between Junction Road and St. Wilfrids Road.

David says, “I was very disappointed that, having worked with Councillors from other parties on all these initiatives, they were apparently dropped when the Conservatives won all the St Andrews seats in 2015, One-party government does not work well.”

Tony and David want to speak to as many of you as possible prior to the election to ensure that we are aware of your views but inevitably we will not get round to everyone.

If you do have anything you wish to discuss with us then please do not hesitate to contact Tony on 01444 246170 or David on 01444 247797.

Or email them at

Have the conservatives’ promises been fulfilled?

The Conservatives’ have promised us for many years that if we accepted major housing developments then the income from the developers would allow them to build a thriving, vibrant town.

Many houses have been built but Conservative claims about the advantages have not materialised.

The Conservatives promises:

The reality

The Conservatives will doubtless make many more promises before 2 May. Burgess Hill needs Labour Party Councillors who will put our town, not the developers, first.

Labour would demand transparency from our District Council. How much has been raised from housing developments, including the Government New Homes Bonus? How much has been spent improving Burgess Hill and what has it been used for? How much is available now and what can it be spent on?

Tony Balsdon and David Andrews would challenge Burgess Hill Town Council on these and many other issues. Our Town Council is currently composed of 17 Conservative Councillors and 1 Liberal Democrat Councillor so there is virtually no scrutiny of the Conservatives’ mismanagement.

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